Classic scent



Classic scent
Classic perfumery

An extraordinary creative upheaval in the art of perfumery took place at the beginning of the 20th century in France. Due to important advances in chemistry, perfumers could expand their palettes, including new aromatic ingredients with unique scents that were also much less expensive than their natural counterparts.

Europe saw a rapid increase in perfume manufacturing and sales, resulting in fragrances becoming available for people with various incomes. Aromatic compositions with incredible quality and elegant multiple notes unfolding over time made an entrance on stage. This is when Le Chypre de Coty, L’Origan, Chanel № 5, Tabac Blonde, Mitsouko and Shalimar were created and became classics.

Typical perfume genres, such as Chypre, Fougère, Aldehydic or Oriental, appeared at that period which later was called by historians a Golden Age of perfumery.

A fragrance that was created with a classic approach rejects minimalism. It is always versatile and in a way, unique to anyone. These compositions contain a lot of aromas existing in nature such as the scents of flowers, citrus fruit or noble wood. Natural compounds play the main part in classic fragrances which can be compared with the performance of a symphony orchestra, where scores of musicians play various instruments, creating a magical and complete melody all together.

In the present, creative perfumers turn back to the aromatic treasures of those beautiful days. Drawing their inspiration from excellent examples of perfumery, they reinterpret traditions and reconstruct the sense of luxury and beauty.