Konstantin Plangui is the founder of a self-named perfume brand PLANGUI, the author of unique fragrances and the first perfumer in Russia to work with classic perfumery.

Konstantin had always felt fascinated by a mysterious world of beautiful scents, so eventually playing with aromas became his genuine passion.

As an inquiring explorer of perfumery’s history, Plangui has built a collection of outstanding samples of perfumery art, as well a great selection of rare books in this field.

Having an impressive background and knowledge of perfumery techniques, not only could he reach mastery and approach the level of the major perfumers of the past, but also paved his way back to the origins of perfumery art in Russia. This is why Plangui’s fragrances can be considered a tribute to the legacy of Russian perfumery with its uncompromising nobleness and voluptuous beauty.

Plangui creates fragrances from very expensive and rare ingredients. Each composition contains a drop of the finest flower essences and precious resins. PLANGUI fragrances are timeless and successfully combine the majesty and generosity of classic perfumery with the dynamic freshness of contemporary perfumery, encouraging people to dream, to love and to enjoy.